Land based models

Technical Information

Dimensions (m, dxh): 4 x 6 / 6 x 10
Weight (kg): 75 kg / 100 kg
Output voltage: 230VAC / 400 VAC
Generator power (kW): 10 / 15
Minimum wind: 2 Bft
Maximum wind: 8 Bft
Brake: Aerodynamic and mechanical

EU Compliance

Environmental noise 2002/49/EC
Safety IEC-61400


Opportunities with Flag Turbines

Jul 2023
Flag Turbines are a lightweight type of wind turbine. Thanks to the vertical rotation axis, they can be easily stabilized. Lees meer...

Back at the Eastern Scheld

Jul 2023
After introduction during foiling week at Lake Garda, we are at home base completing pre-series validation tests.

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