FLAGMOLEN BV is seeking investors to realize the next steps;

  • Expansion of sales organization
    • Sales CRM automation
    • Commercial director Netherlands
    • Sales staff
    • Marketing strategist
  • Demo installation of the floating power platform
  • Purchase of 10 sets of Renewable Event Power Systems (REPS).

Market development is planned as follows;

  • August 2023 delivery of first rooftop mill, and start of order intake of rooftop mills
  • September 2023, launch crowdfunding campaign for USB-C mills
  • October 2023, delivery of first land mill, and start of order intake of land mills
  • November 2023, 10 sets of REPS available for rental
  • January 2024, presentation floating power platform, and start order intake floating power platforms

Geographically, cooperation is being developed with parties in New Zealand, Scotland, UK, Canada, Scandinavia, Caribbean

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Vertical or horizontal wind turbine comparison

Sep 2023
In the FLAG TURBINE the lift forces, torque and drag are optimal thanks to the variable pitch mechanism. The large blades provides high lift forces. The blade pitching mechanism ensures proper direction of force. The placement on a long rotary arm provides high torque, and the low speed ensures low drag.

Therefore, a FLAG TURBINE BLOG :-)

Aug 2023
"You're the tech guy, you need someone with market experience to get the flag turbine to market properly," said one. Lees meer...
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