Opportunities with Flag Turbines

Jul 2023
Flag Turbines are a lightweight type of wind turbine. Thanks to the vertical rotation axis, they can be easily stabilized. Lees meer...

Back at the Eastern Scheld

Jul 2023
After introduction during foiling week at Lake Garda, we are at home base completing pre-series validation tests.


Jun 2023
Sailing yachts with foiling technology make 2x use of lift forces. Wind in the sails provides speed. The water speed. Lees meer...

Tech presentation SME Connect

Jun 2023
Energy Ville is a State-of-Art infrastructure for testing new technologies. Together with research institute VITO, we are investigating how a. Lees meer...

Sales license agreement

May 2023
Eric and Maarten sign the exclusive license agreement for sales and marketing of the BLOwN technology in the presence of. Lees meer...

Successful testing

May 2023
Today we tested the flag turbine again and successfully. As you can see in the picture, the demo flag turbine. Lees meer...

Flag turbine update

May 2023
Today we took an important step toward the final product of the flag turbine. Today we installated an R&D model. Lees meer...


Apr 2023
VLAGMOLEN BV will be the marketing and sales company for BLOwN technology. That technology allows vertical axis wind turbines to. Lees meer...

PRE-SERIES Design ready

Mar 2023
All insights from the field tests were incorporated into the pre-series design. Ready for certification and market launch.

Tech presentation The KAAP

Mar 2023
Dockwize and the KAAP are key partners of FLAG TURBINES. During the DEMO afternoon, the state of affairs was presented. Lees meer...

Evidence, TRL-7 ready

Feb 2023
The final and concluding TRL-7 test of the field setup. The modified pitch mechanism works well. High forces put an. Lees meer...

Tech Presentation Deputy of Province

Jan 2023
A presentation to the deputy of Province of Zeeland Jo-Annes de Bat. Thanks to last days wind, the 2 truck. Lees meer...

Tech Presentation Scalda

Jul 2022
Scalda mechatronics students Dylan, Jasper and Nikita studied the operation and construction of the flag turbine for their 3rd year. Lees meer...

Grant Presentation

Jul 2022
After presenting our TRL-5 tests, the assessment committee of the Zeeland in Stroomversnelling grant fund approved our grant application. With. Lees meer...

Installation TRL 6 Flag Turbine

Jun 2022
Passed a nice milestone this week with the Flag Turbine. We investigate the effectiveness of a vertical wind turbine with. Lees meer...

TRL-5 Test

Feb 2022
Testing with the control system, and a 12V, 50W car bulb as the load. The control system is functioning. The. Lees meer...

Finals Zeeuwind Innovation Challenge

Jun 2021
"An innovation that truly suits Zeeland," the judges said. Promising, but more research and development is needed to demonstrate conclusive. Lees meer...

First measurement setup

Feb 2021
Calibrating the first measurement setup. By measuring power output and wind speed simultaneously, the yield curve of the flag turbine. Lees meer...

TRL-4 test completed

Jul 2020
It works. The mill starts up well even at low wind speed, and despite its small size, it already provides. Lees meer...

Pitch Innogo Commission - Flushing, Impuls Zeeland Jan 2020

Jan 2020
With the weighted cardboard scale model and fan, we gave a pitch to Innogo's assessment committee today. With an innovation. Lees meer...

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