The benefits of BLOwN technology

Flag mills operate with BLOwN technology. This is a new technology that makes mills easier to produce and allows more energy to be generated. BLOwN technology ensures high drive forces on the mill.

As a result, flag mills do not spin as fast, so there are fewer air vortices. Those vortices normally cause hissing and noise. The flagpole remains well below the noise standard for noise pollution. Did you know that a flagpole makes even less noise than a flying flag? The mill's low speed and vibration dampers under the legs also ensure a vibration-free turbine. This makes it suitable for installation on roofs.

Each blade of a flagpole seeks the best angle in the wind. As a result, a flagpole does not suffer from turbulence, and is suitable for installation on roofs.

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Vertical or horizontal wind turbine comparison

Sep 2023
In the FLAG TURBINE the lift forces, torque and drag are optimal thanks to the variable pitch mechanism. The large blades provides high lift forces. The blade pitching mechanism ensures proper direction of force. The placement on a long rotary arm provides high torque, and the low speed ensures low drag.

Therefore, a FLAG TURBINE BLOG :-)

Aug 2023
"You're the tech guy, you need someone with market experience to get the flag turbine to market properly," said one. Lees meer...
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