Floating Power Platform

Technical Information

Dimensions (m, lxwxh): 50 x 50 x 10
Weight (kg): 500 kg
Output voltage: 400V AC
Generator power (kW): 100 (4x 25kW)
Minimum wind: 2 Bft
Maximum wind: 8 Bft
Brake: Aerodynamic and mechanical

EU Compliance

Environmental noise 2002/49/EC
Safety IEC-61400


Vertical or horizontal wind turbine comparison

Sep 2023
In the FLAG TURBINE the lift forces, torque and drag are optimal thanks to the variable pitch mechanism. The large blades provides high lift forces. The blade pitching mechanism ensures proper direction of force. The placement on a long rotary arm provides high torque, and the low speed ensures low drag.

Therefore, a FLAG TURBINE BLOG :-)

Aug 2023
"You're the tech guy, you need someone with market experience to get the flag turbine to market properly," said one. Lees meer...
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