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The flag turbine brings wind energy close by, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Thanks to the variable blade pitch, the turbine delivers a lot of energy. Energy is provided primarily by the force of the turbine.

Therefore, it turns slowly and with large blades. Slow turning and large blades are convenient to look at. Ideal for combination with a logo, or promotion. A slowly rotating wind turbine does not make noise. Did you know that a flag turbine makes even less noise than a flying flag?
Sustainable and fully recycleable
Wing arms

The wing arm provides driving torque; Torque = force x arm. A larger arm therefore means a larger driving torque.
Wings with “self-cambering”.

During the revolution, the wing continuously forms an ideal airfoil profile. In a headwind it becomes a flat plate with a minimum air resistance coefficient.
Generator with “direct drive”.

The wings directly drive the rotor of the generator. This means there is no chance of the transmission breaking down and the mill can supply energy over a wide speed range.
Mast construction with “Hexapod” design.

The large forces of the mill are guided to the mounting by the wide leg position. A lightweight construction that increases proportionally to accommodate larger reels.
Control mechanism for “variable wing pitching”. Including a disconnect system.

The wing always looks for the angle at which it provides maximum lift force with minimum air resistance. The release mechanism ensures that the wings come into feather position during a storm.
Modular wing construction. Choose the ideal “aspect ratio”.

Small wings for stormy conditions, large wings for low wind speeds.


> USB-C mil

> Roof Mill

> Landmill

> Floating Power Platform

EU Compliance

Environmental noise 2002/49/EC
Safety IEC-61400

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"Renting flag turbines is an option for signing and powering your event."

Opportunities with Flag Turbines

Flag Turbines are a lightweight type of wind turbine. Thanks to the vertical rotation axis, they can be easily stabilized. Lees meer...
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Back at the Eastern Scheld

After introduction during foiling week at Lake Garda, we are at home base completing pre-series validation tests.
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