Therefore, a FLAG TURBINE BLOG :-)

Why a blog? Working with interested parties to discuss all sides, pros and cons of the flagpole.

"You're the tech guy, you need someone with market experience to get the flag turbine to market properly," said one consultant.

So I searched for people who understand why the flag turbine is unique, and has the papers to become the best performing wind turbine. During FoilingWeek 2023, I met Gordon Ritchie of GRM Marketing, based in Glasgow. At FLAG TURBINES, we had already established an Ideal Customer Profile, and determined that our ideal customer lived in regions such as the "Islands" of Scotland.

Fantastic that Gordon became interested in the flag turbine. In particular, the LAND MODEL and the floating power platform caught his attention. "Not in your face" and "for the community" were his main arguments.

We went ahead, he confirmed his interest with a signature, I sent a plan of action, he invited me to Glasgow, we talked to possible interesting partners there and visited the Whitelee Windfarm; "the UK's largest onshore windfarm", which CAN power 351,286 NON-ELECTRIFIED standard households.

Gordon explained that there is great dissatisfaction with such wind farms. Energy is regularly converted to steam, the expected life time of the park has been reduced, and despite the high proportion of green energy from Scottish soil, John Doe pays almost the highest energy price in Europe.

Gordon expects great interest in local LAND model flag turbines in Scotland, and so we worked together to create a marketing plan. Scotland and Zealand together, as kickstarter for market launch. And that plan includes one additional advice, in addition to an English-language website, with extensive digital lead generation; "You must go BLOGGING, it gives you much better presence online." Hence a FLAG TURBINE BLOG 🙂

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